ARMS WIDE OPEN Ministries, Inc.

                                          OUR MISSION

This corporation is organized for the charitable and educational purposes of providing guidance, direction, unconditional love, support, and housing for the children and young adults of Lowndes County and surrounding areas. We desire to educate the community as well as aid in the education of our youth. We want to extend open arms to the children others turn away. We intend to provide housing for abused, neglected, abandoned, and delinquent children of this area, to provide after school programs which provide supervision, abstinence and drug education, tutoring, and therapeutic services to local youth, to provide transitional housing for local homeless teens, and to provide various summer camps for children who seek Biblical learning and healing from traumatic experiences.


                                          OUR PURPOSE

Our primary purpose is to extend our arms wide open to any child in this community and surrounding communities who needs love, support, and guidance. We intend to offer support free of charge or on a sliding-scale based on income in the form of tutoring, after school care, drug and abstinence education, Bible study and discipleship, individual and group counseling, educational and recreational activities, a temporary shelter for homeless and runaway teens, and a permanent home for abused, neglected, or unwanted children. We will be a safe haven for children whose home and neighborhood may not be. We will provide transportation to local churches when a child expresses interest.We will offer therapeutic summer camps which will provide a safe place to heal for children who have a history of abuse, neglect, or issues such as anger, grief, and anxiety.     

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